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Welcome to Anapos Pool & Spa Services

Quality, transparent pool services.

                                            WHAT WE DO...

At Anapos, we provide a range of high-quality pool and hot tub maintenance services, supply, advice and solutions for your home or business pool needs.  See our list of services below or contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Full list of services:

Pool & Spa Supplies

Equipment Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Filter Media Replacement

Pool Opening Services

Full Valet Services

On-site Water Analysis and Balancing

Green Pool Treatment

Pool Closing/Winter Services

Taylor-made Pool and Spa Services

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         About us

Anapos Pool & Spa services specialises in high-quality pool and hot tub maintenance services and supply, ranging from regular valet visits to equipment installation, maintenance and repair – all at an honest and affordable price. 

Anapos is owned and operated by Luke Morgan, an experienced Pool and Spa Service Technician.

See below for more information about our services or feel free to get in touch to book a consultation visit or to discuss how we can help you.

More about our services...

Equipment Supply, Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Anapos are suppliers and installers of pumps, filters, heaters, rollers, covers, salt-chlorinators, to name just a few! 

Do you have a problem with your spa or hot tub?  Have a leak in your pump room?  Filter media need changing?

Whatever you need, we offer a wide range of equipment installation, maintenance and repair services to keep your pool, spa or hot tub running smoothly.

Pool Opening Services

Get your pool kick-started for summer!  An Anapos Pool Opening Service will get your pool ready to use in no-time.  We'll thoroughly vacuum the pool, brush the pool floor and walls, accurately test your water with the latest digital technology, balance/shock-dose, clear your skimmer and pump baskets and get your circulation/heating equipment checked ready for the season ahead.  

Note:  If you would like us to continue maintaining your pool throughout the swimming season, see 'Full Valet Services' below...

Full Valet Services

Use Anapos to regularly maintain your pool or/and hot tub so you don't have to!  We'll keep your pool clean and the water perfectly balanced so the pool's always ready to use.  We'll empty your skimmer and pump baskets, backwash or clean the filter and do a thorough visual inspection of your equipment to make sure everything is operating correctly.

The frequency of visits required will depend on the bather-load and the sanitization method of your pool and will be assessed on the initial visit.  Options available: one-off, weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits available.

If you would like us to prepare your pool for winter, see 'Pool Closing/Winter Services' below...  

On-site Water Analysis and Balancing

Anapos offers a mobile water analysis service - we'll come to your home, do a full sprectrum water-analysis of your pool or hot tub with the latest technology and balance/sanitize the water accordingly.  We can do a one-off visit or make regular visits to suit your requirements.

Green Pool Treatment

Has your pool gone past the point of no return?  A green pool treatment will get you back in the water in no-time.

Pool Closing/Winter Services

At the end of the season, it's important to prepare your pool for winter.  Anapos provides a full close-down winter service.  We'll thoroughly clean the pool, accurately test the water with our photometer, balance the water accordingly, shock-dose and add a long-life algicide to keep the pool crystal clear over winter.  We'll fit your winter cover using pre-existing fixings (if you have one), empty the skimmer/pump baskets and adjust the timer on your circulation equipment for winter.

It's important to make periodic checks at least once a month through-out the winter - we can do this for you or we can instruct you on what to do.

Taylor-made Pool and Spa Services

Listed here are the main services Anapos currently offers - have something else in mind that we can help you with?  Please get in touch to discuss and we'll do our very best to help you.

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ANAPOS Pool & Spa Services

Blenheim Central, Marlborough, New Zealand, 7201

027 5500 852

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